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An industry-wide supply chain system

based on IoT, blockchain, 5G, AI and big data.


The quality of baby formula has been one of the biggest concerns amongst parents especially since they never know the details behind each tin of baby formula.

Quality Inspection

Common questions include: has the powder been infected with bacteria during production? Has it been dropped during its transit? Has the production date been tampered with during its storage in the warehouse? Is the baby formula totally counterfeit and has any part of its production been faked and executed by a third party?

Warehousing, logistics, dealers, retailers

Through blockchain technology and Internet of Things, UCOT’s food traceability system has been developed. Data and information from each segment of the production and supply circulation process are uploaded and retained in the blockchain.

 This uploading process begins at the production factory and carries on through warehousing, both domestic and international transiting, and finally finishes at the consumer’s end. Every tin of milk powder or baby formula has its own unique identification, so that there is no room for counterfeit products.


UCOT’s solution not only allows consumers to ensure the authenticity and safety of their product, but also provides an efficient and reliable traceability and smart contract management system for milk powder suppliers.

Transparent accountability &  efficient regulation

Data security & accurate location tracking

Information transparency & industry standardisation

Data analysis & insight for future plans

System warning, circulation control
Resource sharing, expanding the market
Public trust community, upgrade service

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