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An industry-wide supply chain system

based on IoT, blockchain, 5G, AI and big data.

UCOT is dedicated to solving the problems concerning origin, security and certification of agricultural products. Our aim is to make life easier for farmers by simplifying their logistics and contract management so they can cut costs, reduce complexity and focus on what they do best.

Smart contracts are digital procedures that self-execute when certain conditions are met, such as when goods arrive at their destination. They can automate everything from orders, payments, invoicing and agreements with traders thus making manual paperwork a thing of the past.

UCOT’s smart IoT + blockchain ecosystem allows suppliers to monitor the condition of their goods in real-time such as location, temperature and humidity throughout their entire supply chain journey to ensure they arrive in the best condition possible for consumers.


Comprehensive monitoring, smart agriculture

The UCOT Smart Agriculture Platform offers a range of IoT sensors that enable comprehensive monitoring of a wide range of agricultural production data, transforming empirically based management of raw agricultural production into precise numerical quantitative management.

Unified management, production optimisation

The UCOT Smart Agriculture Platform provides a unified agricultural production management platform to display agricultural production data through web services, mobile applications and WeChat applets to simplify production management and improve decision making.

Data credibility, origin control

The UCOT Smart Agriculture Platform uses electronic identity labels for each agricultural product and uploads the collected agricultural production data to the blockchain. By uplinking to the blockchain, the data is ensured to be  accurate, secure and tamper-proof.

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