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An industry-wide supply chain system

based on IoT, blockchain, 5G, AI and big data.

Vineyard & Manufacturing Company

How can we distinguish whether a bottle of wine is authentic and is what its label claims to be? The most important thing about drinking wine is the quality but we cannot make a judgement on the authenticity by simply looking at the bottle. 

Based on 5G IoT, UCOT is developing a new generation of chip technology, which can gives high-end liquor enterprises an intelligent cargo tracking system.

Quality Inspection

A smart UCOT chip is embedded in the wine stopper and gives each bottle its own unique fingerprint.

Warehousing, logistics, dealers, retailers

This chip tracks the entire production, supply and circulation process including identifying its production time and location. Consumers can then check each wine bottle with their mobile device.


For the tobacco industry, UCOT also provides custom industrial solutions based on blockchain and IoT technology, eliminating counterfeits and strengthening supply chain management.

Transparent accountability &  efficient regulation

Data security & accurate location tracking

Information transparency & industry standardisation

Data analysis & insight for future plans

Warning system & circulation control Resource sharing & market expansion Fostering community trust & continual service upgrades

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