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Urgent Announcement: The Suspension of Operation of BitZ Exchange

On 8 Oct 2021, UCT Foundation reminded UCT holders to withdraw their tokens as Bit-Z exchange will shut down its business

Underpinning BitZ commitment to compliance policies, BitZ has suspended new user registration and KYC in Mainland China on September 26, 2021. For existing users now, BitZ advices withdraw all tokens in the exhchange , and Bit-Zwill officially stop operations on October 21, 2021. The specific schedule is as follows:

UCT Foundation Official Announcement

In December 2019, UCT Foundation officially announced:

HyperTech Group formally acquired the UCT Foundation, while injecting tens of millions of dollars in capital. UCT Foundation appointed Bob L as the chairman. He will bring in a new management team, strengthening the business model, and gradually bringing the foundation to a higher level.