Developed a Full-industry Blockchain Application Ecosystem


The UTracer app is UCOT’s world-leading authentic traceability mobile platform built using a fusion of IoT and blockchain technology.


UCOT’s Traceability Management System (UTMS) is a global leading, truth-seeking, IoT-blockchain enterprise management system. It is one of the core components of UCOT’s blockchain anti-counterfeiting traceablity ecosystem.


UPhoto is an innovative and revolutionary file manager based on blockchain technology, developed by UCOT. The app makes use of blockchain technology’s characteristic encryption to secure important electronic data and files such as web pages, photos, videos, documents etc.


By combining machine-to-machine communication technology with 5G, we have developed UTracker, our advanced IoT device with precision environment monitoring and real-time uploading directly to the blockchain.


The UCOT Certificate Traceability System, matches with the institution’s student database to obtain basic information of graduates, unique code of certificates, transcripts, etc.

UCOT Chain

Blockchain system based on the bottom layer of the Ethereum blockchain