Our Team

An industry-wide supply chain system based on IoT, blockchain, 5G, AI and big data.

Core Team Members​

James Robertson

James has more than 25 years of experience in the financial industry. He used to serve as the Vice President for Policy and Partnerships at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). Prior to that, he also had a long tenure in the World Bank Group.

Bob Liu

Bob is the founder of Centralchain Capital, investor in cryptocurrency wallet, mining and other exciting projects. As an expert in blockchain technology and ecosystem, his extensive investment experience and industry insights are supported by strong backgrounds in marketing and finance.

Nicholas K​

Nick is a key member of the UCOT software development team. He holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Technology Sydney, majoring in network interconnection and applications. 

Matt N.

Matt is an experienced software developer with many years of experience in analyzing, designing, and developing mobile and online applications, using a wide range of digital features such as Android platform, Java, and J2EE.

Advisor Team

John Baird

Master of Computer Forensics, Post Grad Dip. Computing, BSc in Computing at Macquarie University. CEO at Revio Cyber Security, Former Vice President of Credit Suisse, Former CTO of Deutsche Bank, CSIRO Scientist, renown cybersecurity expert, Panel Chairmen of NSW Government ICT Industry Advisory panel.

Phil Cvetovac

CEO of Pharma Science Australia, proficient in most areas of business, including marketing, growth strategy, branding, law, commercial mergers and acquisitions and restructuring.

Zeyu Sun

Co-founder of Kushen Wallet; Academic Member of Peking University Financial Technology Innovation Lab; Professional Digital Currency Trader; Well-known blockchain investor; British Guardian interviewed China’s 90th Bitcoin first person; twice accepted CCTV2 on Bitcoin Interview.

Douglas Wang

Founder of Geek Capital, inventor of blockchain robots. Technical geeks, community operations experts. He has served as director of IBM, Motorola, Hewlett-Packard and Silicon Valley high-tech companies for more than ten years. He settled in Canada in 2013 and teaches Internet technology and digital currency in Canada.

Andy Liu

20 years of IT industry experience; Australian Computer Society Member, Full stack system development expert;He is an expert in full-stack system development and project management with extensive experience in the analysis, design, development and implementation of blockchain development systems.