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UCOT Smart Certificate System

The UCOT Certificate Traceability System, matches with the institution's student database to obtain basic information of graduates, unique code of certificates, transcripts, etc., and uses UCOT blockchain and IoT technology to generate intelligent anti-counterfeiting diplomas and transcripts.
By using UCOT’s security certificate printers, each official certificate and academic transcript contains the UCOT smart chain chip. The data from each document will be collected and uploaded into the UCOT Certificate Traceability System, adding convenience for institutions to obtain big data reports.

Academic qualifications are essential in today’s international job market. UCOT’s certification process uses blockchain technology and encrypted data. Once information appears that is identified to be false, it will be unconditionally disclosed to the corresponding talent pool and recruitment companies. The system is also linked to relevant judicial authorities. This emerging transparency and information disclosure will revolutionise, and cause further considerations and regulations of industry norms and standards.

Globally unique ID

NFC tag with dynamic anti-counterfeiting technology

Permanent storage that is encrypted and cannot be tampered with 

Verify anytime, anywhere

Custom multi-layer security paper

One-click reissue and  multi-language support