UCOT Smart Certificate System​

What is UCerti

The UCOT Certificate Traceability System, matches with the institution’s student database to obtain basic information of graduates, unique code of certificates, transcripts, etc., and uses UCOT blockchain and IoT technology to generate intelligent anti-counterfeiting diplomas and transcripts.
By using UCOT’s security certificate printers, each official certificate and academic transcript contains the UCOT smart chain chip. The data from each document will be collected and uploaded into the UCOT Certificate Traceability System, adding convenience for institutions to obtain big data reports.


Smart anti-counterfeiting diploma + IoT chip

Match with the school database to obtain basic information of graduates, unique coding of certificates, transcripts, etc.

Use UCOT blockchain IoT technology to generate intelligent anti-counterfeiting graduation certificates and transcripts, which can be uploaded immediately and have evidence to check

Batch print official school certificates and transcripts containing UCOT smart chain network chip through UCOT anti-counterfeit certificate printer


  • Global Unique ID
  • Multi-layer Customized security paper
  • Multi-layer Customized security paper
  • NFC tag with dynamic security technology
  • Verify anytime, anywhere
  • One-click reissue and multi-language support




Talent Market

Judicial Supervision



UCerti ( NFC Hard copy+soft copy)

UCerti ( QR code Hard copy+soft copy)

UCerti (Soft copy)

* 50




* 500




*unit 1000




*unit 5000




*unit 10000




*unit 100000




Smart Certificate(Standard Sample)


Free linking information

As the picture shows


Exclusive design

Carefully designed by professional designers
1 standard template


Read through webpage

Identify the QR code or NFC to read the digital smart certificate quickly, verify it anytime and anywhere


6 language

Simplified Chinese, Enhlish, French, Russia, Arabic, Spanish

*Customization: for customized videos, images, designs and web pages, contact UCOT (victor.huang@ucot.world) for pricing