UCOT Monthly Report(2020/02)

1. UTMS Development:

  • Fixed bugs on the IoT management
  • Fixed logic and code bug on Dashboard
  • Improved UX on staff management and tag management
  • Completed several UI adjustments to fit different screens
  • Completed Demo development for several trial companies
  • Refactor batch number logic

2. UTracker Development:

  • Registered new 12 devices
  • Ready for the farmer animal demo 

3. UTracer Development:

  • Completed a new skin for Ethical Trade Alliance
  • Completed base dark mode skin
  • Fixed bugs on Utracer result page
  • Completed new share page
  • Allow feedback in the share page
  • Completed Deregister for UTracer

4. APP UPhoto Development:

  • Developed the new UI page for version 2.0.5
  • Enable Video taken now
  • Enable Preview
  • Redo the Syncing function
  • Upgrade the react-native version to 0.6
  • Redo the sharing methods
  • Enable the UCT exchange function
  • Fixed the notification
  • Completed Erc20 related API
  • Completed Task list related API
  • Added comments in the backend API
  • Support video function in the photo share page

5. UCerti development:

  • Completed several demo pages for different companies

6. DevOps:

  • Wrote pipeline to start and stop servers, upload files, and handle automatic testing.
  • Set up a truffle environment for deploying and testing contracts
  • Wrote half of the unit tests for smart contract testing

1. UCOT was invited to participate in the discussion of the National Blockchain Roadmap of Australia and the release of the roadmap

On February 7, the Australian government officially launched the national blockchain strategy and released the “the National Blockchain Roadmap” (hereinafter referred to as the “roadmap”). During the preparation period of the roadmap, UCOT, as an outstanding representative of the blockchain industry in Australia, was invited to the Australian parliament building for discussion and product demonstration. UCOT was highly rated by Rob Bollard, chief technology officer of IP Australia, during special seminars and product demonstrations. In addition, at the invitation of Data61 department of the Australian Academy of Science, UCOT participated in the closed-door CRC seminar on blockchain industry, and communicated with blockchain experts from Australian government, regulatory authorities, scientific research institutions, universities and enterprises, and shared the layout and product implementation of UCOT in the blockchain industry.

The roadmap describes the huge opportunities of blockchain technology in the wine industry, banking and finance and other areas such as logistics, agriculture, trusted certificates and smart contracts. UCOT also actively responds to the call and is committed to applying blockchain technology to supply chain and logistics, so as to be the model of blockchain products. At present, UCOT is active in global business layout, treat Oceania and Asia as the main strategic markets. On the basis of integrating advanced science and technology, management mode and high-quality resources of various countries, we will produce blockchain products, build an all-round traceability ecosystem and provide high-quality services of full cycle, high quality and multi-dimension.2. UCOT helps prevent and control coronavirus condition, and provides 110,000 blockchain anti-counterfeiting tracing smart labels for free

UCOT has teamed up with UPcare Australia to provide anti-counterfeiting traceability labels for UPplus, a product with the effect of moistening the throat, improving immunity and killing bacteria. The spray was developed by a team of leading Australian experts and medical professors in the context of the global spread of the new coronavirus. Currently, the spray has been tested for toxicity by the Australian food and drug administration’s TGA and has been certified as safe and effective. In the future, it will be sent to Wuhan for more clinical trials to help alleviate the global epidemic.

In order to ensure the authenticity and effectiveness of products, UCOT takes advantage of its technical advantages in blockchain to provide UPplus spray products with QR code anti-counterfeiting tracing labels containing product information and purchase links. By scanning the QR code attached to the product bottle, users can obtain details such as product name, production date, origin, production batch, expiration date, and traceability map. Users can click the scanned product picture to purchase the product. At the same time, UPplus’s product traceability information will also be recorded in UTMS to ensure data is stored securely and not tampered with. It is worth mentioning that in view of the new coronavirus epidemic, UCOT will distribute 110,000 QR codes tracing to the source for free to help prevent and control the epidemic, highlight the business value of enterprises and fulfill social obligations. In this outbreak, UCOT has been focusing on the epidemic area and is committed to realizing the perfect combination of blockchain technology and anti-epidemic biomedical technology, so as to ensure that the products are not counterfeited, and the efficacy can be effectively played. In the future, UCOT will continue to keep pace with social development and make continuous efforts to assume social responsibilities.

3. The new UPhoto blockchain camera with new video functions will be launched soon

UPhoto is one of the important products of UCOT blockchain IoT ecosystem.UPhoto is a photo verification app built on the UCOT blockchain that will seek to address the rise of digitally manipulated photos and restore trust between parties. When you take a photo with UPhoto, the data from the camera lens is captured directly along with key metadata information. UPhoto creates a fingerprint of the digital file which is then recorded onto the blockchain. The properties of blockchain mean once it is recorded it can no longer be altered. This ensures that the authenticity of the image stays true to what was seen by the camera sensor at the moment of capture. Photos taken and uploaded by UPhoto are guaranteed to be authentic, stored securely and tamper-proof once recorded onto the blockchain. Last month, we made deep improvements in functionality, login/logout, and software downloads. In February, UPhoto continued to test and improve the watermarking feature and added video features. In addition, the new version of UPhoto will have more user-friendly features and interface design, striving to upgrade the user experience and provide the best quality blockchain camera products. The latest version of UPhoto will be available in major mobile app markets on March 6 and expect it to shine in all scenarios.

4UCOT was invited to be interviewed by Cointime to discuss the development of blockchain products

Recently, UCOT was interviewed by Cointime to elaborate on issues such as blockchain traceability, development of UCOT, and efforts made by UCOT to combat the epidemic. Since its establishment, the UCOT has been focusing on the implementation of blockchain and IoT technology, striving to realize the anti-counterfeiting traceability ecosystem with 6 blockchain products including UTracer, UTMS, UTracker, UPhoto, UCerti and UCOT Chain. In view of the recent outbreak of coronavirus condition, UCOT and Australia UPcare group has carried out business strategic cooperation, for its antiseptic immune spray – UPplus (Australia) provide the QR code label, realize products anti-counterfeiting, to ensure the effect of improving human immunity and killing virus. As a blockchain technology company, UCOT not only has industry foresight but also keeps in mind its social responsibilities. UCOT will always adhere to the concept of technology optimization, product innovation and user-friendliness, and explore the road of continuously improving blockchain product.

5. UCOT has attracted the attention of Chinese media and was invited to interview programs by CCTV

Since its establishment, UCOT has been committed to developing technology products based on the integration of blockchain, IoT, big data and the real economy. As a full-industry chain anti-counterfeiting traceability solution operator, UCOT has developed 6 blockchain products to help enterprises complete industrial interconnection, transformation and upgrading, and build a new generation of anti-counterfeiting traceability ecosystem.

UCOT’s keen insight into the blockchain industry and innovative use of advanced technologies are attracting the attention of many well-known media in China and abroad, including China CCTV, People’s Daily, people.com.cn, Sina, Tencent, Netease and Sohu. ABC, The Australian, Australian Financial Review, Inside Canberra, Bitcoinst, SKYNEWS, and IoT HUB. This time, UCOT is honored to be invited by the CCTV interview program. In the future, UCOT will continue to keep its original intention and become a practitioner of the blockchain industry.6. UCOT was invited to attend the Keiretsu Forum, the world-famous angel investment Forum, and our commercial products were professionally certified

In February, Victor Huang, chairman of UCOT, was invited to attend the first Melbourne investment Forum in 2020 co-hosted by Keiretsu Forum, Navanti Group and 11th Space. This Forum is chaired by Mr. Victor Jiang, president of Keiretsu Forum. In the forum, Victor Huang showed the six commercial products of the UCOT based on the blockchain and IoT technology to the guests, and introduced the solutions developed by the UCOT for the pain points of different industries.

In the multi-dimensional product demonstration, investors showed great interest in UCOT products. There were many questions and responses. At the same time, Victor Huang, chairman of UCOT, also introduced the latest application of UCOT products to the investors and had in-depth communication with them on the details. In the process of communicating with the investors on the site, UCOT has gained a lot of follow-up development suggestions and ideas. In the future, UCOT will, as always, actively adopt feedbacks from various parties, upgrade technologies, improve products, keep up with the needs and development, and build a sustainable blockchain traceability ecosystem.7. UCOT continues to pay attention to the domestic epidemic and actively participates in the fundraising activities of funds and materials

Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus condition in 2019, UCOT Australia has been closely following the situation. Last month, we successfully help the hospital and local government of Wuhan, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Huzhou Deqing, Tongxiang Wuzhen, Chongqing, Chengdu to receive valuable medical resources of the hospital. UCOT response to the call of Australian chamber of commerce in Jiangsu, chu business federation, Chushang Entrepreneurs Federation incorporated, Wuhan University, Wuhan university alumni association, China chamber of commerce in New Zealand to raise for medical protective clothing, goggles, f living supplies protection of medical staff. UCOT believes that small things can add up. In the future, UCOT will continue to assume social responsibility, realize corporate value, and actively contribute to social development.

8. UCOT is actively exploring new applications of blockchain technology in epidemic prevention

Spring wind brings warm weather, all things on earth come back to life, old illness shall heal. In the face of the unexpected new coronavirus outbreak in 2019, UCOT not only actively participated in the donation of funds and materials, but also explored the new application of blockchain technology in the field of epidemic prevention, striving to contribute to the effective prevention and control of the epidemic. Based on the features of blockchain technology, such as encrypted storage and anti-counterfeiting tracing, UCOT believes that its UPhoto blockchain camera can be applied to multiple scenes such as medical treatment, fundraising and remote office, so as to promote the openness and transparency of epidemic prevention and control process and protect people’s lives.

图片来源: Ledger Insights

In the medical area, the blockchain cameras can record and disclose the true number of infections, deaths and cures, and achieve the synchronization of the blockchain updating. Once the data is updated to the blockchain, it cannot be edited, thus guarantee the credibility of the information made public. At the same time, epidemic data of the blockchain can also be shared among scientific research institutions to accelerate the introduction of effective treatment plans and promote the rational distribution of medical resources. For the fundraising, the blockchain camera can record the arrival and distribution of donated materials, so as to ensure that the data will not be tampered with, reduce the possibility of manipulating public benefit projects for profit, and realize the transparency of the whole donation process. For the distributed telecommuting, the use of the blockchain camera can achieve the remote signing, update the document to the blockchain, to facilitate the online business.9. UCOT has been favored by Chinese and foreign investors and is actively preparing for late-stage financing

UCOT is currently preparing materials for due diligence by multiple investors. This due diligence is an objective assessment of the opportunities and potential risks faced by UCOT in the industry, so as to facilitate subsequent financing and expansion of business activities. With the guide of strategic goals and the company development plan in 2020, UCOT will pay more attention to business in the global market, we will continue to increase in the exploration of product innovation, technology upgrade, strive to provide users with the best blockchain products, improving the development of UCOT.

10. UCOT actively responded to the call of the Chinese government during the outbreak and realized a safe and efficient work

In view of the recent spread of the coronavirus condition, UCOT actively responded to the call of the government in the special period, to ensure the health of employees while ensuring the efficient operation of daily business. For employees in China, UCOT started the mechanism of remote online office, implemented distributed organization and collaborative work, and ensured the orderly implementation of various tasks. For employees in Australia, the company requires employees to wear the masks and take protective measures. UCOT regularly disinfect and clean the office to ensure that every employee works in a clear working environment.

– The End –




UCOT 优物链


UCOT(优物链)是一家全产业链解决方案运营商,目前已率先研发出基于区块链、物联网及5G IoT通讯技术的企业级平台解决方案,现已在学位防伪、智慧农业、食品溯源、医药追踪、酒类鉴真、资产追踪、冷链物流等领域落地应用。



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