Simplify the deposition process, guarantee the authenticity


What is UPhoto

UPhoto is an innovative and revolutionary file manager based on blockchain technology, developed by UCOT. The app makes use of blockchain technology’s characteristic encryption to secure important electronic data and files such as web pages, photos, videos, documents etc.

UPhoto is powered by blockchain and smart contracts to achieve decentralised verification of both physical and digital files. When scanning physical documents, the image generator locks the original image and immediately uploads and stores the image on the blockchain. First-hand pictures and videos remain unmodified throughout the process to ensure security, authenticity and legality of the file.

Setting new standards

UPhoto is adaptable to all types of forensic and legal evidence such as web pages, videos, photos etc. With one-click encryption and authenticity certification, evidence can be validated and ensured to be authentic. Thus, electronic evidence can be used for legal disputes, court proceedings, mediation and arbitration, and rights protection.

Increased data security

The electronic data is uploaded to the blockchain smart contract encryption certificate for the first time. It does not depend on the central server, and the operator cannot tamper with it to protect user data privacy. ​Upon initial upload, the data is encrypted with blockchain technology and smart contract. Due to the blockchain’s decentralisation and, hence, lack of a central server, the operator cannot tamper with it.

Life is filled with interactions

Online sharing on platforms such as WeChat, Facebook etc. is supported so that users may share files with friends and family. Additionally, users who use UPhoto regularly will be rewarded.

Enterprise & personal editions

At present, there are 1,560 users and we can customize solutions according to different types of customer needs and choose a variety of packages. Enterprise users are now applying for it, and they can contact the administrator to give away the papers!

Use Cases



Contract fraud, financial tampering, will inheritance, insurance claims



Car accident investigations, fire inspection, business trip inspection, engineering supervision


Real Estate

Building ownership transfer, rental inspection, house sales, mortgage guarante