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Through the fusion of blockchain technology and advanced 5G IoT communication technology, UTMS uses custom smart IoT devices to digitise and uplink product units with their corresponding UCOT dynamic anti-counterfeiting smart tags.

Enterprise users can carry out pipeline labeling through supporting automated equipment for quick and easy product unit labeling and information uplinking. Distributors, suppliers, and warehouses can be authorised to join UTMS to become a traceability node and share their supply chain resources

Consumers can easily obtain the product unit’s information such as the origin, batch number, production date as well as its journey using the UTracer app and scanning the UCOT’s smart tag.


UTMS stands out with its unique advantages.

For enterprises, establishing a brand is not a one-off occasion. It is a ongoing process and the damage caused by counterfeit and inferior products is particularly devastating. Having information transparency and traceability is guaranteed to be of the greatest asset to a brand’s name

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UCOT’s Traceability Management System (UTMS) is a global leading, truth-seeking, IoT-blockchain enterprise management system. It is one of the core components of UCOT’s blockchain anti-counterfeiting traceablity ecosystem.


Authorised registration to obtain identity

Obtain the unique identity of the enterprise system through real-name registration system audit

Custom smart labels

Smart Iot tags are customised and tailored according to the product's needs and specifications.

Tracking products helps decisions

View traceability reports to help companies make decision plans