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Why UTracer?

Easy to scan

Verify the authenticity of the product by scanning the personalised QR code label.

Mobile phone sensor

The product traceability query is performed by sensing the dynamic encryption code NFC smart tag.

Excellent quality, timely traceability

Traceability information is safely stored in the blockchain to prevent tampering of data.

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The UTracer app is UCOT’s world-leading, truth-seeking, IoT-blockchain mobile application. It is the core component of UCOT’s blockchain anti-counterfeiting traceability ecosystem.


The UTracer app achieves real-time traceability, accurate anti-counterfeiting and reliable traceability through the fusion of blockchain technology and advance smart IoT devise. Consumers can easily obtain information like the origin, batch number, production date, and product unit’s journey by scanning UCOT’s smart tag (NFC or QR Code) on the unit. The whole process is traced back using the unit’s globally unique ID and the authenticity of the unit is judged through blockchain smart contracts to create a safe and secure consumer experience.


Scanning the anti-counterfeit QR code found on the unit reveal the origin and authenticity of the product unit.

Tapping the device on UCOT’s smart NFC allows for a detailed trace of the product unit’s source and reveals the unit’s journey.

5G IoT devices tracks the location and monitor temperature and humidity and upload this information to the unit’s unique ID.


In recent years, counterfeit and interior goods have caused global havoc. Fake vaccines, milk powder nad wines have threatened the lives of people. Supply chain traceabiliy has become a market demand. Thus UTracer was born. UtTracer finds the source of counterfeiting problems at its roots by solving other problems such as low traceability, complex and difficult supply chains and poor information transparency. UCOT works so that fakes are nowhere to be been in the new and upcoming 5G era.