About UTracer

The UTracer app is UCOT’s world-leading, truth-seeking, IoT-blockchain mobile application. It is the core component of UCOT’s blockchain anti-counterfeiting traceability ecosystem.



Identify the UCOT Smart Tag

QR codes/ NFC/ UHF/Dynamic security code


Product Traceability

Original/ Production Batch/ Traceability Journey/ Node Details/ Process Photos/ Temperature


Authenticate production quickly

Supply Chain Disclosure, the Fake Has Nowhere to Hide.


Scanning the anti-counterfeit QR code found on the unit reveals the origin and authenticity of the product unit.

Tapping an NFC-enabled device on UCOT’s smart NFC tags gives the user detailed information on the product unit’s source and journey.

UCOT’s 5G-IoT devices tracks the location and monitors environmental factors, such as temperature and humidity, and uploads this information to the product unit’s unique ID.


In recent years, counterfeit and inferior goods have caused global havoc. Fake vaccines, milk powder and wines have threatened the lives of people. Supply chain traceability has become a market demand. Thus UTracer was born. UTracer finds the source of counterfeiting problems at its roots by solving other problems such as low traceability, complex and difficult supply chains and poor information transparency. UCOT’s solutions aims to ensure that fakes are nowhere to be seen in the new and upcoming 5G era.

Fake vaccine
Fake milk powder
Fake wine