UCOT  cutting-edge technology

What is UTracker?

By combining M2M communication technology with 5G, we have developed smart IoT devices with leading edge precision and real-time uploading. UTracker can monitor temperature, humidity, acceleration, light intensity as well as other environment information and upload it to the blockchain in real time through M2M communication technology. The data collected during the products’ journey allows for real-time analysis, smarter and more informed decision making and comprehensive optimisation.

Why UTracker ?

Visual and Traceable

Temperature control and standard operation

Standardization of products and services



Software and Hardware

Goods and raw materials are traceable and digitised with use of UCOT’s products (UTMS, UTracer, UPhoto etc.)


Completely reliable data

Data is written directly onto the blockchain and cannot be tampered with after the initial upload. This ensures that consumers, distributors, government entities, warhouses, insurance companies and shippers are all operating based on trusted data. The HTTPS/TCP/UDPrich protocol interface supports Alibaba Cloud, Amzon Web Services and ogther mainstream third-party IoT platforms.


Energy efficient and long-lasting battery

The high-performance and high-capacity battery used inside our IoT devices have a battery life that exceeds 3 years (depending uplinking frequency).


All-rounded wired/wireless senso

Plug and play with a veriety of sensors such as humidity, temperature, location, time, acceleration, radiation, photosensitivity, odours and other information with our diversified monitoring equipment. The wireless sensor in the unit is configured and the status of the real-time monitoring unit is simple to deploy. Installation is free.


Pin-Point Precision

Our IoT devices use a plethora of location methods (satellite, base station, Bluetooth, warehouse and yard locations) to accurately record each product unit’s journey.  Our clients can reduce the loss of thousands or even millions of dollars.


Smarter global roaming

Support for 4G/3G/2G across 170+ countries with flexible configuration for SIM, SMT, SIM and SoftSIM.


Convenient and easy installation

Our trackers can be easily installed in various positions of shipping containers with glue or hung. They can be used within the large temperature range of -40°C to 85°C and works all year round and around the world. IP67 supported and all devices have passed severe and rigorous proof testing.